FAQs and Articles

  1. Finding a Reputable Breeder Some guidelines to help you make the determination that the breeder you are talking to is committed to the betterment of their breed
  2. Before Buying a Puppy A dog is for life, think twice before buying a puppy. Here are some things to ask yourself before buying a puppy.
  3. All About Chesapeakes Answers to such questions as "What colors are there?" and "What grooming do they need?"
  4. The Breed Standard and Characteristics What is the AKC recognized standard for the breed
  5. Pet Therapy Learn how you and your dogs can help others.
  6. Enjoying Your Older Dogs In Their Golden Years
  7. Evaluating a Dog For Rescue Thinking of adopting a rescue dog?  Here are some things to examine.
  8. Volunteering and Giving Back at World Trade Center Volunteering and giving back for many have been a very gratifying experience.
  9. Most Important - Temperament Temperament is the most important thing to consider in your breeding program

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