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AM/Can/PR/World CH*Silvercreek I Love Lucy JH,WD, CGC, TDI, Delta, BB

November 22, 1993 - April 26, 2007



Today Lucy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  So look into the sky
there is a new Star in the sky and a new Angel in Heaven. She was my
soul mate, companion, and my best friend. Lucy gave 100% to make 
others smile.

Lucy although being a wonderful show dog and producer, loved to hunt
and did her pet therapy work.  Lucy was doing her pet therapy work
until March when she took ill.

Little know facts were her pet therapy work. Lucy was a Grand
Marshall at the oldest 4th of July Parade for her work at the NJ
Veterans Home and was on TV.  Her work after 911 will never be
forgotten and she was inducted in the NJ Veterinarian Hall of Fame.
Plus in the last 4 years opened door at The Valley Hospital.

I thought that as a lovely reminder and tribute to Lucy I would love
to hear from all of you, your Lucy stories, memories, and thoughts.
She always had a fun side to her.  I will be compiling them into a
book here for Lucy's Memories.

Lucy lives on in many a pedigree.  One of my greatest memories that I
cherish is the Family Photo that we took in Ohio in 2006 at the Nationals.

So I would love to hear from all, if you don't want to post onto the
board, you can email me privately.

All are welcomed, I look forward to your memories






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