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ORIGIN United States. One of the few breeds developed in the United States around the icy bays of Maryland, he is one of the greatest retrievers of ducks and geese, especially in rough, frigid waters. Originally developed from Newfoundland dog and bred in with local setters, coonhounds, and Irish water spaniels to develop superior hunting and retrieving abilities. He was also bred to be a watch dog. Recognized by the AKC in 1878.

HISTORY OF THE BREED The story goes that around 1807 an English ship was wrecked off the coast of Maryland. Fortunately, all hands were saved included two puppies. One was a reddish male named Sailor and the other a young black bitch named Canton in honor the rescuing ship. The puppies were of the St. Johnís Newfoundland breed, used at the time to help fisherman recover their nets. Both were given homes in the Chesapeake bay area, and as a result of their predisposition toward water, were trained and used a s duck retrievers.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS A large dog, averaging approximately 80 pounds (some run larger or smaller) Barrel chested, wide head with wedge shaped muzzle, with a slightly elevated rear, and medium length ears. His coat is coarse to slightly wavy, short, thick, and may have a tendency to be oily, waves on the shoulders, back, and rump only. Comes in shade of brown ranging from a light deadgrass, some red tones, tans, and browns. A small white spot on the chest, belly, or toes is acceptable. Eyes are a yellow or an amber. His teeth meet in a scissor or level bite. He has webbed feet to aid in swimming.

TEMPERAMENT and GENERAL PERSONALITY Happy and intelligent, very sociable and affectionate with the family with a tendency to ignore strangers. Can be clownish and loves to play games which is one reason I refer to them as Brown Clowns. Loves retrieving and swimming. He is the most rugged and powerful of the five retriever breeds. Can be reserved and protective with strangers. They should be well socialized at an early age. This is a thinking breed which can get them into trouble.

They do not tolerate isolation well since they are so bonded to their owners and family. Can become destructive if bored or lonely. Dogs are generally dominate and possessive, they can be stubborn but respond well to positive obedience training. Although you must be consistent in your training, loving but firm. A consistent hand will remind them who is in charge. They have a tendency to be pack leaders, so consistency is required.

Caution when buying, please check to make sure that the temperament of both parents are excellent and well socialized.

HEALTH PROBLEMS This is a bred that has not been ruined at this time by over breeding. However, they are susceptible to hip dysplasia, cataracts, PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy), hypothyroidism, and eczema. When purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder, make certain that the breeder performs genetic testing.

EXERCISE Chesapeakes require moderate to high daily. They love long walks, swimming, and retrieving A well exercised dog is less likely to be destructive, calm in the house.

CHILDREN Chesapeakes make wonderful family dogs. They have a deep love for children. The puppy should be well socialized and obedience trained. Please be sure that the breeder has bred for companionship and never leave a child alone with any dog.

OTHER DOGS Usually good with other animals if raised with them. Some Chessies can be dominant, protective of their stuff, or predators. Introduction at an early age to other animals usually works. However, difficulty can be 2 males.

GROOMING Little grooming is required for the Chesapeake. A weekly brushing is required and if not swimming should be bathed every several months. Over bathing can develop into dry skin. Will blow coat twice a year, at this time daily brushing will be required.

SIZE Females: 21 to 24 inches Males: 23 Ė 26 inches

WEIGHT Females weigh around 70 pounds. Males weigh around 80 lbs. Some will be lighter or heavier. At no time should you be able to see the ribs or have love handles.

DISQUALIFICATIONS A coat that is curly all over the body. Black colored, white on any part other than breast, belly, toes, or back of feet. Teeth overshot or undershot. Dewclaws on hind legs.

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