Common Questions About Chesapeakes

What colors do Chesapeakes come in? Chessies come in a color as light as Deadgrass to Dark Brown and anything in-between. Deadgrass is the color of straw with a yellow hue.  Back to Top

Do Chesapeakes smell? Chesapeake’s do have an oilier coat than most breeds. This allows them to repeal water. If you keep any dog in your home a basic grooming and hygiene program should be followed. Whether your Chesapeake swims every day or not a regular bathing program with a mild shampoo should be followed. Do not bath your dog more than once every two months. NEVER use a blow dryer on a Chesapeake’s cost you can do more damage to the coat and skin than you can imagine. Towel try your Chesapeake and just allow it to air dry.  Back to Top

Do Chesapeakes need to be brushed? Yes and should be brushed once a week. This will help distribute the oil in their coats, keep your Chessie cleaner, and shedding very manageable. Chessies will blow coat approximately twice a year. At this time more brushing may be required. While brushing check for fleas and ticks.  Back to Top

What other basic grooming and maintenance is required for a Chesapeake? Chesapeakes are basically a low maintenance dogs. They require very little maintenance. Besides the weekly brushing and an occasional bath, please remember to clean ears, brush teeth, cut nails, check for fleas and ticks regularly. If you are not able to clean ears and cut nails yourself, please have your vet do these during your regular visits.  Back to Top

Can I allow my Chesapeake to swim in my pool? Yes the chlorine will do some damage to their coat. Dryness of the coat and skin will occur. It is best to hose down your dog at the end of the swim for the day. It is also recommended to bath your dog at least once a month to get out all the chlorine.  Back to Top

When can my puppy start to swim? Your puppy can start swimming at 8 weeks of age if during the spring, summer, or fall. Start your puppies in the shallow area where they can walk in. Never allow your puppy to be left unattended by a pool or body or water.  Back to Top

How much exercise is required? Chesapeake are a medium to high energy breed. Most Chesapeake’s are active outside and calm in the home if you have an adequate exercise program. If given daily walks and some fun retrieves your Chesapeake we be a happy companion.  Back to Top

Can I have a Chesapeake in an apartment? Yes, as long as you give your Chesapeake adequate exercise such as walks, trips to the doggie park, jogging when old enough, retrieving in the park. Since most people walk in the cities their dogs in many cases get more exercise than those in the country. However, please be aware that Chesapeakes are watch dogs and will bark. This could be a problem in some apartments.  Back to Top

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